Albert Einstein once said, “Everything in life is vibration.” Taking it a step further, everything in the universe is vibrating. Down to subatomic particles and probably matter we can’t even detect, it’s all vibrating. This is the essence of the universe. It’s said the very creation of this physical plane was due to vibration. It was vibrated into being. And it continues. We ourselves vibrate. Our art is a product of vibration. So, how can we in the arts use this information?

Brain Wave Frequency

I’ve touched on brain wave frequency in one of my previous articles here. I return to it now because of my renewed discovery of its essential importance in our lives. Our brain wave frequencies, which vary throughout each day and even from moment to moment, are indicators of our mental and physical health. It’s debatable as to whether the conditions of the mind and body ultimately affect the brain waves or whether it’s the brain waves that determine the state of the mind and body. It’s my belief that we as beings have dominion over the brain and determine ourselves the frequency at which it vibrates. Thus, in my world I’m responsible for my own mental and physical health. However, I digress.

Our specific emotions coincide with predictable frequencies. The more desirable emotional states are resonating at the highest brain wave frequencies. They’re measured in cycles per second and are named for the person who discovered proof of the existence of electromagnetic waves. His name is Heinrich Rudolf Hertz. Examples of the brain wave frequencies of various emotional levels follow. Shame is accompanied by a frequency of 20 Hz. Apathy is at 50 Hz, fear at 100, and anger at 150. As you move up into higher emotional states, you find you’re vibrating at a higher and higher frequency. For instance, courage resonates at 200 Hz, a state of acceptance at 350, and love is humming along at 500. When we’re feeling pure peace, our brain is emitting waves at about 600 Hz. The source I found for this is a YouTube video titled “Everything is Frequency and Vibration – Emotional Frequency Chart – Brain Waves (Alpha, Beta, Gamma).” The creator of the video is identified as Engineering Made Easy. He has one more emotional level–Enlightenment, which matches a vibration frequency of 700 plus Hz.

It’s exciting to consider we are not cursed to live at lower vibrational states. Obviously, life happens and we are not always able to master these higher states of being. As human beings, we create and are presented with challenges that can seem insurmountable. Overcoming disease, injury, addiction and our own bad decisions make life appear out of our control. But there are ways, there are paths, techniques and people who can help us raise our frequency.

Incidentally, Planet Earth vibrates at a frequency of 7.83 Hz. It’s not surprising that a big rock would vibrate at such a low frequency. The universe’s frequency is 432 Hz, which ranges between reason and love. That seems fitting, considering reason could be equated with intelligence and love could be seen as an essential ingredient of creation. The universe is ever-changing, ever-evolving, created in a crucible of loving intelligence.

Using Vibration in Creativity

Assuming our brains are habitually vibrating in a certain range of frequencies, we can see the value of finding a way to raise our vibrational levels to live our lives with greater enjoyment and satisfaction. Taking that to the field of the arts, we may have the opportunity to use higher brain wave frequencies to free our thinking and artistic creation.

An elementary example of the above is the musician who is feeling guilt over the time spent playing music. There are other obligations that may take precedence. Guilt is a palpable drag on the creative mood. Perhaps with some reorganization, the musician can raise that brain wave frequency up to desire born of the strong urge to get their music out and heard. If so, they will have increased the frequency by more than four times. Imagine the leap in productivity and quality just by lightening the vibe!

On the Horizon

This is a subject broad and deep in its scope. In Part Two, we’ll explore techniques used to raise brain wave frequency. We’ll look at how different emotional levels apply to various types of art and how exercising higher emotional states can elevate your creativity. Who knows? Maybe more will come to light as I discover other dimensions of the creative process through my study of the wonders of vibration.