Bridging from Part One of this article in which I discussed how vibration is part of the fabric of this universe and how we are all vibrating mentally as we create our reality, I want to concentrate now on how we can use this vital, fundamental data in our creative lives.

How Emotional Levels Relate to Various Types of Art

A piece of art is not the medium through which it is created. For example, a canvas and paint do not represent the painting. The frequency at which they vibrate is concurrent with their physical makeup. The colors will have varying frequencies, but paint and canvas themselves emit vibrations that are found in similar goop and fabric.

The design and images in the painting communicate to the person viewing them. I think a picture of deep space with its galaxies and nebula conveys a higher frequency than a depiction of a dead, bloody body. The sculptor who assembles unrelated pieces of unappealing junk will create in the onlooker a vibration level that may rise to anxiety while they who create a meditating Buddha or a blessing Jesus may inspire emotional reactions of love and joy. Angry songs resonate most with a person at a similar emotional level.

The effects you wish to create through your art on the people who internalize your creations in one way or another can be manifested by your own rate of brain wave frequency. This is your starting point. If you wish to instill fear, you have to come from that place within yourself to at least some degree. Creating a feel-good film will involve presenting images and situations that show us scenes of higher vibrational content. Oh, it’s good to enhance it more by putting the viewer through scenes of lower vibrating drama that resolves into times of happiness or fulfillment. That’s part of effective art, but the point is art’s effect originates in the creator’s state of mind or being.

How Reaching Higher Vibrational States Can Elevate Creativity

There’s a line of thought which would have us believe pain and misery are necessary for the artist to create good art. I am of the opinion that quality art can be created in spite of pain and misery. I know there are examples out there of people who produced masterpiece work from a place of deep unhappiness. I also accept the value of difficult experiences in making artistic work have depth and richness. However, being stuck in these experiences or living chronically in lower emotions makes it tougher to bring a creation to completion.

It’s takes little imagination to fathom how an apathetic person would be stifled from starting, continuing or finishing a creative project. It can happen, but how much easier it is for an artist working from a state of joy to give birth to a project. The energy level would be higher, the ability to embrace all the pitfalls encountered would be in place and the mind would be open to a wider range of ideas as well as solutions. Those who are ranging in the 50 Hz vibrational level of apathy might be compared to someone walking through molasses whereas the joyful being could be seen as skipping like a stone over a calm lake at 540 Hz.


In the article I did on binaural beats, I illustrated how they can be used for mental and physical benefit. To refresh, binaural beats are a phenomenon occurring when a person listens on headphones (usually) to a repeating tone in one ear and another tone in the other ear. They are of different frequencies and when heard cause the brain to emit waves at the frequency that is the difference between the two. Vibrating at the new frequency provides a pleasant experience for the listener, who can potentially raise their own frequency to a higher level on a permanent basis.

Meditation is known to raise our brain wave frequency. Many people the world over can attest to the improvement of their mental/emotional state resulting from practicing meditation.

Create. Yes, just the mere act of creating the art of your choice can bring you to a higher vibration rate. Accomplishing just about anything toward completion of a project is bound to produce dopamine in your brain naturally.

There are so many ways to stimulate your vibrational output! To name a handful, one word at a time, here are some ideas. Nature, friendship, music, gratitude, visualization, affirmation, journal, exercise and routines.


Try to get in touch with the vibration of the universe and your own frequency. Feel it and love it. Happiness and more awaits.